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About Windsor Workshop

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As a celebration of our 35th anniversary, we at the Windsor Workshop are proud of our client-driven reputation for excellence in the design and manufacturing of high-end custom furniture. Serving clientele from the GTA, our offices are located just outside of Toronto and we are unmatched in our Canadian production of custom wood designs.

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Cherishing our past, creating for the future

Windsor’s humble beginnings are rooted in the our traditional Windsor Chair, but years of success and referrals have allowed for us to broaden our spectrum of product offerings to include contemporary and rustic styles as well. Our company believes in tradition and in the incomparable allure of a custom design. At the Windsor Workshop, we hold onto these beliefs even in our manufacturing, which follow the same processes and building strategies as was prevalent in the 18th century. Not only does this allow for a human touch which differentiates us from our competitors, but it makes us believe that our product is of the highest possible quality and precision—and this is why we are comfortable offering each customer a lifetime guarantee on any item we produce.

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We at the Windsor Workshop design each product with comfort, style and practicality in mind and after 35 years we are proud to be one of the leading high end furniture manufacturers in the GTA.